“I have known Lewis for over 30 years. During that period, he has represented both my company and me individually in a variety of matters ranging from contract issues to personnel matters. In every situation I have found him to be knowledgeable, strategically astute and honest. I trust his advice and highly recommend him. He even has a pretty good sense of humor.”

Steve Thompson, President, Ensource Corporation


“Lewis Ward is an attorney with integrity, has respect for the common good of his clients, and values of an old-fashion country boy. Lewis helped me understand the concepts and procedures that I would be going through with the case that I had; without him as my attorney, I believe, I would have lost my personal injury case. Furthermore, with Mr. Ward’s counseling and representation, the jury awarded me a verdict of $1.8 million. I highly recommend A. Lewis Ward & Associates to anyone seeking legal representation.”

Raymond Seelye, Houston, Texas


“I have known Lewis for approximately 31 years. During that time Lewis has provided me with legal services, which I considered to be of the highest level. In addition I have worked with him on several lawsuits and was very impressed by the way he treated his clients. It is without any reservations that I will continue to recommend him to potential future clients.”

Bennie L. Williamson, CPA


“A. Lewis Ward represented me during an extremely arduous wrongful foreclosure lawsuit. After three other attorneys I had hired failed to keep up with the fast paced series of motion for summary judgments filed by the opposing party’s firm (one of the largest in Houston), Mr. Ward covered a lot of ground for me in a very short time. Within a few weeks, the opposing lawyers noticed this, and their intimidating tactics were thwarted. Our deposition resulted in the frustrated attorneys opposite Lewis Ward deciding to settle, even after they had spent $800,000 on the case. During all proceedings, Mr. Ward showed vigor as well as calmness, pointed out tough possibilities while still counseling my fears and apprehensions, and passionately encouraged me to keep moving forward. Today, my family and I are good friends with Lewis, and we continue to refer others to seek the help of A. Lewis Ward & Associates.”

James P. Arthur, Houston, Texas