Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian and Other Accident Compensation

Accident compensation is recoverable for being hit by a vehicle, for a slip and fall accaident, for an injury due to unsafe property, for a construction accident, and for many other pedestrian accidents and causes of personal injury.

Our commitment to teaching each and every client about accident compensation laws and steps to take to make an accident compensation claim more valuable sets A. Lewis Ward & Associates apart from other Houston law firms. We place the highest importance on legal education. The explanation of personal injury laws and the strategic advice that we provide enables our clients to make the best possible decisions during pursuit of accident compensation. If we take your case, it means we’ll be with you every step of the way.

In order to get accident compensation for a personal injury accident, three factors must be present:

  1. A careless act or failure to act, which is negligence
  2. Personal injury damages
  3. The negligence must have caused the damages

A. Lewis Ward has more than thirty years of experience getting accident compensation for people who have faced many types of accidents and injuries. If you have had a personal injury accident and have suffered damages (pain and suffering, medical bills, loss of income, etc.) because of someone else’s carelessness, A. Lewis Ward & Associates may be able to help. Call (713) 961-5555 or e-mail today.

At A. Lewis Ward & Associates, we realize that accidents and injuries are a major interruption to a person’s way of life. As one of the first steps in seeking accident compensation, we educate clients on applicable laws and procedures, explain how to make the claim more valuable, and help clients with their physical recovery. If we take your case, we will introduce you to a doctor (if you need one). If you do not have health insurance, we will do our best to secure credit-based treatment for you.

When A. Lewis Ward & Associates pursues accident compensation, we usually try to settle the case if the facts permit that option. Litigation is a timely and costly process that drains most clients mentally and emotionally. However, if we handle your case, we will inform you if the other side is being unreasonable. If going to trial will likely increase the amount of accident compensation you can get, we will represent you in court. Our willingness to stand by our clients is yet another trait that separates A. Lewis Ward & Associates from many other law firms.

Accidents and injuries to individuals caused by another’s carelessness are matters of law. If you think you qualify for accident compensation for a personal injury accident you have endured, contact A. Lewis Ward & Associates at (713) 961-5555 or email.