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A. Lewis Ward Recognized in Texas Lawyer Top Verdicts

Texas Lawyer Top Verdicts

Texas Lawyer Top Verdicts and Settlements for 2015 ranked A. Lewis Ward the ninth top verdict in contracts litigation, a judgement totaling $3,039,960

HOUSTON — Recently announced Texas Lawyer Top Verdicts and Settlements for 2015 ranked A. Lewis Ward the ninth top verdict in the area of contracts litigation. Ward represented clients who were induced into a real estate transaction by fraud. The Texas Lawyer Top Verdicts report listed the jury award at $888,537, which includes only the damages resulting from fraudulent inducement.

Combined with damages for breach of contract from another defendant, who settled before trial, the total award is $3,039,960.

Proving fraud by inducement is a difficult legal task. This case was very challenging due to the complexity of relationships and trouble obtaining documentation.

“Despite the number of witnesses, and several defendants representing multiple separate legal entities, we were able to uncover and present credible documentary evidence and testimony to make believers of the jury,” said A. Lewis Ward.

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The details of this case portray a complex and well-conceived fraudulent scheme, which Ward used to sway the jury’s view. Juries are known to be skeptical of a plaintiff’s own negligence. Uncovering a paper trail that revealed intentional, coordinated acts of deception by the three defendants was key in establishing a sympathetic view of the plaintiffs.

Texas real estate law provides for “common law fraud,” but proof of “statutory fraud” is required in order for the plaintiff to receive payment of legal fees. Ward successfully forced one defendant into a settlement over breach of contract and that defendant was compelled to testify against the other defendants. This witness was key in proving the high standard of statutory fraud.

Texas Lawyer Top Verdicts and Settlements

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About A. Lewis Ward

Lewis Ward graduated from South Texas College of Law and was admitted to the Texas Bar in 1977 and to the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas in 1988. Over four decades in law, he has handled thousands of legal matters and distinguished his legal practice by helping clients achieve millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. He is an active member in the civic and business community, having served on boards of directors for the Robert Cummings Memorial Scholarship Fund and Ensource Corporation; as a member of the Enterprise Bank Advisory Council; and as vice president and president for the Southwest Houston Chamber of Commerce and Success Connect Chapter of Business Networking International.

Texas Supreme Court Denies Petition, Guarantees Jury Trial for Client of A. Lewis Ward & Associates

Commercial Litigation in Texas Courtrooms

A. Lewis Ward has been successfully litigating business law matters in Houston, Texas courtrooms for more than 30 years

HOUSTON – On October 12, 2012, the Texas Supreme Court  dismissed a petition to review an appellate decision won by A. Lewis Ward & Associates before the Fourteenth Court of Appeals on May 8, 2012. This was the final step that guarantees a jury trial for Ward’s client.

“Everyone deserves his or her day in court, and my client has been prevented from this justice for too long,” said A. Lewis Ward, attorney. Ward has fought on behalf of his client to establish the right to a jury trial since the district court granted a summary judgment in favor of the opposing party on January 13, 2011.

The Fourteenth District Court of Appeals in Houston overturned that summary judgment on May 8, 2012, which did not end the fight for a fair trial. The opposing party made a last attempt to avoid going to trial by filing a petition with the Texas Supreme Court to reconsider the judgment of the Court of Appeals. The Texas Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the petition is the last delay and Ward’s client is now guaranteed her day in court.

A. Lewis Ward has cited evidence that his client stands to receive redress in the amount of $300,000.00 or more and has pledged to press this case to ensure that justice is done for his client. A jury trial date is expected to be set very soon.

2016 Update: Jury Verdict in Favor of ALW Client

A prominent Downtown Houston real estate owner had granted the 99-year lease and then seized the property from the rightful tenant. A. Lewis Ward successfully swayed the jury to believe that the lease was valid and they awarded $100,000 in damages. This case is now on appeal to receive the full $330,000 in damages as demonstrated by the evidence.

Law Education Week 2012 Takes Story Telling To School

A. Lewis Ward Joins The Houston Bar Association Effort To Provide Law Education In Schools

Houston Bar Association - HBA logoIt is never too early to begin teaching children about the role of Law in society. That is the philosophy of the Houston Bar Association, sponsor of a law education program designed to take story telling to young school children that emphasizes our great American heritage of liberty, justice and equality under the law. “No courts. No justice. No freedom” is the theme for this year’s law education program.

A. Lewis Ward, attorney at law, participated in this law education program by reading the story of the Missing Cupcake to second and third graders at Liestman Elementary School in southwest Houston. “These young children are sharp and they certainly understood the point of the story, as well as the humor in the story,” said Ward.

Law Day USA was established by President Dwight Eisenhower and a 1961 joint resolution of Congress established May 1 as the official day to celebrate it each year. This law education reading program is sponsored in the Houston area by the Houston Bar Association (HBA).

The HBA offers a Kid Zone to assist with learning about law and society on the organization’s website at

Ward Scored TKO Against Major Corporation, Client Received $1.8 Million Personal Injury Verdict

Personal Injury Update

Houston – Lewis Ward dba A. Lewis Ward & Associates recently won a $1.8 million personal injury verdict against a major U.S. corporation and the company’s employee driver. Ward’s client, a 37 year old painter and drywaller, suffered serious neck and lower back injuries when rear-ended by a semi tractor. The client was trained for another vocation because his injuries did not permit him to continue his previous work.

Ward indicated that, although Harris County juries are normally described as very conservative, he believed the jury in this personal injury case was fair–they considered the evidence, including the client’s and his doctor’s testimony, and rendered a fair verdict. The client’s wife was also awarded additional damages for loss of her husband’s past and future services.

If at all possible, obtain and maintain health insurance coverage said Ward, “you never know when you will suffer catastrophic damages.” In this case, his client was self-employed, did not have health insurance and obtaining surgery was delayed until he could obtain Medicaid.

The company and its employee appealed the jury’s personal injury verdict. However, soon after initiating the appeal, the defendants decided to pay, essentially, the jury’s verdict. Ward’s client agreed to forgo interest and the parties agreed upon a personal injury settlement, which provided a substantial lump sum payment immediately with the client to receive additional funds every month for as long as he lives.