Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation in Texas Courtrooms

A. Lewis Ward has been successfully litigating business law matters in Houston, Texas courtrooms for more than 30 years

Commercial litigation can be disruptive to your business. A. Lewis Ward understands and approaches each commercial litigation case with this in mind:

Minimize your cost and disruption without compromising the strength of the case.

Educate you on procedural and substantive issues about the case so you can feel more comfortable in the process and participate more effectively.

Analyze your goals that you want to accomplish in terms of what a judge or jury will think and feel about the evidence. Then build the case to achieve your desired results.

Litigating a business dispute is much like building a house. Success is based on a strong foundation, and the case must be built, fact by fact. Utilizing knowledge, strategy, and integrity, A. Lewis Ward & Associates has accumulated many victories in the courtroom, including:

  • Success in a case involving fraud against a Fortune 500 company
  • Victory in claims of breach of contract, fraud, and deceptive trade practices by an owner against an architect and builder
  • An action to set aside a foreclosure, resulting in the client obtaining from the lender additional monies to complete construction
  • An owner’s action against a builder for failing to construct improvements in compliance with plans and specification

These achievements are just a few examples of how A. Lewis Ward & Associates has provided strong representation for businesses on a wide range of commercial issues. Call us at (713) 961-5555, or e-mail us for more information.

A. Lewis Ward & Associates litigates such issues as:

  • Protecting proprietary information
  • Uniform Commercial Code disputes
  • Disputes over corporate management and control
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty disputes
  • Franchise disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Contract disputes, including breach of contract
  • Tortuous interference with contracts or business relationships
  • Disputes over non-compete agreements
  • Foreclosing on mechanic’s and materialman’s liens
  • Debt collections

Commercial litigation may range from relatively simple matters to highly complicated cases that take many months to solve. Whatever the complexity of your business issue, improper legal representation can lead to unnecessary expense. Losing a dispute will probably damage your business financially, and even winning can be unsatisfying if what you gain is less than the time and money spent on litigation.

At A. Lewis Ward & Associates, you’ll receive education on the law pertaining to your situation, so that you don’t have to waste time or money. After a free consultation, we’ll know how to move forward representing you and your business through commercial litigation.

For competent and caring representation for a business litigation problem, call us at (713) 961-5555, or email for more information.