Law Education Week 2012 Takes Story Telling To School

A. Lewis Ward Joins The Houston Bar Association Effort To Provide Law Education In Schools

Houston Bar Association - HBA logoIt is never too early to begin teaching children about the role of Law in society. That is the philosophy of the Houston Bar Association, sponsor of a law education program designed to take story telling to young school children that emphasizes our great American heritage of liberty, justice and equality under the law. “No courts. No justice. No freedom” is the theme for this year’s law education program.

A. Lewis Ward, attorney at law, participated in this law education program by reading the story of the Missing Cupcake to second and third graders at Liestman Elementary School in southwest Houston. “These young children are sharp and they certainly understood the point of the story, as well as the humor in the story,” said Ward.

Law Day USA was established by President Dwight Eisenhower and a 1961 joint resolution of Congress established May 1 as the official day to celebrate it each year. This law education reading program is sponsored in the Houston area by the Houston Bar Association (HBA).

The HBA offers a Kid Zone to assist with learning about law and society on the organization’s website at