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Improving Your Legal Health

Four steps to improve your legal health

Many times, in discussing political elections or current affairs, we accuse our fellow countrymen of not thinking and being too ready to believe what they are told. This is also applicable to the legal aspects of our daily lives. As a consequence, we may suffer distress and even economic loss that are not necessary.

Therefore, I’d like to provide you with advice and real life examples that will help you lead a more healthy legal life, and hopefully save you lots of money and stress.

This Legal Health Blog will be provided in four installments:

Written vs. Oral Contracts

Even though oral contracts are enforceable in some cases, they can present enforcement problems, as illustrated by these true stories. Don’t risk the stress and financial loss described in these two stories: written versus oral contracts.

What’s the Worst that Can Happen?

In any matter that will have a substantial impact on your life or livelihood, ask yourself, “What is the worse thing that can happen and how do I prepare for it?” Do whatever is necessary to make this habitual. In this true story, my friend and client suffered a $1 million loss: the worst that can happen.

Cite Your Authority

Too often, we feel ready to accept what we are told is the “company policy” or “that’s the way we always do things,” when in fact a company has no legal authority or basis for its decision. This one simple request may save you money and stress: cite your authority.

If You Signed It, You’re Probably Stuck With It

Also too often, people sign written contacts that they have not read and don’t understand. This can cause serious trouble! Legally speaking, you are presumed to have read and understand any written contract that you sign. Read more about how to protect your self:  regarding written contracts, if you signed it, you’re probably stuck with it.

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