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Ward Scored TKO Against Major Corporation, Client Received $1.8 Million Personal Injury Verdict

Personal Injury Update

Houston – Lewis Ward dba A. Lewis Ward & Associates recently won a $1.8 million personal injury verdict against a major U.S. corporation and the company’s employee driver. Ward’s client, a 37 year old painter and drywaller, suffered serious neck and lower back injuries when rear-ended by a semi tractor. The client was trained for another vocation because his injuries did not permit him to continue his previous work.

Ward indicated that, although Harris County juries are normally described as very conservative, he believed the jury in this personal injury case was fair–they considered the evidence, including the client’s and his doctor’s testimony, and rendered a fair verdict. The client’s wife was also awarded additional damages for loss of her husband’s past and future services.

If at all possible, obtain and maintain health insurance coverage said Ward, “you never know when you will suffer catastrophic damages.” In this case, his client was self-employed, did not have health insurance and obtaining surgery was delayed until he could obtain Medicaid.

The company and its employee appealed the jury’s personal injury verdict. However, soon after initiating the appeal, the defendants decided to pay, essentially, the jury’s verdict. Ward’s client agreed to forgo interest and the parties agreed upon a personal injury settlement, which provided a substantial lump sum payment immediately with the client to receive additional funds every month for as long as he lives.