Personal Injury and Business Law in Houston, Texas

A. Lewis Ward & Associates provides legal representation to individuals and businesses on matters of deep personal significance. We focus on timely and knowledgeable legal advice, followed by aggressive pursuit of our clients’ interests in negotiations, and in a court of law when necessary.

You have questions, and A. Lewis Ward & Associates can provide you with answers.

We believe that knowledge is your first line of defense against legal threats. Moreover, we believe that it is our duty as attorneys to educate on how laws may affect you and how you can be more comfortable and effective in the legal matters you face.

Legal help For Individuals

People suffer from all kinds of personal injury and wrongful death, through no fault of their own. A. Lewis Ward is experienced in helping individuals and families regain quality of life after an injury by documenting and enhancing the monetary value of a personal injury claim and seeking full compensation.

Legal Help For Business

Many business owners are deeply connected to their company. It is more than a livelihood and can represent one’s entire life work, a family’s well being, and hope for posterity. A. Lewis Ward understands and is experienced in helping owners protect their business interests and develop strategies for prosperity.